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Sch'Ange Salon: Dear Visitors!.... Beauty stems from our soul, and its external projection  is our body. We are all wonderful and perfect, however we often think, the mirror  doesn't reveal a real picture. Our team, with more than 10 years of professional experience, has set the task to transform perfect into even more perfect by “our magic”, because anyone who enters our salon will find the Real Beauty and her/his  True Self.

Some of Our services:


  •  Skin Rejuvenation Treatments
  •  Chocolate and Vitamin E Filling
  •  Relaxing Hot Lava Stone Massage-Stress Relief
  •  AHA acid exfoliating Treatments
  •  Traditional Facial Treatments, in accordance with skin types of all ages, teenager treatments
  •  Body Treatments, special weight losing, fat burning and detoxification cures
  •  ”3D” eyelash building /multi-size/
  •  Glitter Tattoos
  •  Regenerating and Firming Eye Treatment, with 14 carat Gold ampoule and mask
  •  Make-up Lessons individually or as a course
  •  Cosmetic Tattoos (Make-up)

Products used in the Salon: Estée Lauder and Kaviczky- Reference Salon

Hair Dressing:

  •  Haircut in accordance with the latest fashion trends (male and female)
  •  Making Casual Hairstyles
  •  Party Haircuts
  •  Hair Colouring and Highlighting
  •  Hair Styling and Style Determination
  •  Hair Sculpturing


  •  Japanese Manicure
  •  Built Gel Nail
  •  Decorated Motifs
  •  Wedding Manicure
  •  Men's Hand Care
  •  Application and presentation of the most modern nail building and decoration techniques

Each member of our team possesses several years of professional and competition practice and experience, Kata  Schlovicskó among other things was National Champion in 2001,  Bea  Zajonskovszky was Hungarian Champion and has been an Instructor for years, she is still an active contestant.

Address: 1062 Budapest, Lovag u.13/1

Our Team:


Schlovicskó Katalin  | + 36 30 919 3494 |



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