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1993-95 Cosmetic School Nr. 12, graduated as Cosmetician
1995-99 Hair and Skin Clinic (Private), Bp. Margit Krt. 8-10, Medical Cosmetician
1996 Learning Make-up Art from Melinda Ágoston Make-up Artist
1997-98 “Szépvilág” Cosmetic Magazine, Cosmetic Column Editor
From 1998 one of Estée Lauder Ltd.'s Make-up Artists
1999-2003 participating in Regional and National Contests actively
2000-2004 undergraduate at Dániel Berzsenyi College
2002 one of the founding members of Visagency make-up/photo formation
2004 Event organiser, Protocol major, Diploma
2005 OTDK College Contest- Topic: The spiritual world of the bride from the point of view of a make-up artist (a study on the relationship between the bride and the make-up artist in order to create the perfect wedding make-up)
2005 Member of Artificial Group Creative Team
2006 Film Mask Master Course Led by Ilus Kristóf
2007 Face Memoirs Book- with the make-ups of the past 10 years
2009 Facial Exercise Trainer- Relationship Partner-
2009 1st of September Sch'Ange Salon/ photos- Portfolio
2010 June Cosmetic Tattoo maker qualification
2010 summer Cosmetician technical page dedicated writer
2011.02.14 Book Show “It's Your Day- Your Wedding Make-up Style”

More Important Contest Results:
Avon National Make-up Contest 1998 (2nd place)
National and Budapest Cosmetic Guild Cosmetic Contest – Adult 2000 (3rd place)
Avon National Body-painting Contest 2000 (3rd place)
First Open Maul Wiltz Make-up Contest 2000 (5th place)
National Hair-Styling- Cosmetic and Nail Contest Combined Category 2001 (1st place)
International Master's Award Hungarian Semi-Final 2001 ( 5th place)
National and Budapest Cosmetic Guild Cosmetic Contest Adult 2003 ( 2nd place)
Make-up Hungarian Cup 2005 ( 5th place)

TV works:

Friderikusz Show (RTL KLUB 1999)
Surprising and Funny (RTL KLUB 2000)
Fantastic Europe (TV2 2000)
Claudia Show (TV2 2001-2002)
Kid's Mouth (TV2 2001-2002)
Class Reunion (TV2 2001-2002)
The Freedom of Speech (MTV1 - MTV2 2004
Weekly Menu (MTV1 with Ilona Mélykúti 2003-2004)
Allegro (MTV1 with Noémi Kovács 2004-2005)
The Big Book: The Eclipse of the Crescent Moon (MTV1 2005)
Culture Spy (MTV2 2006)
Nerve Racking (Movie 2006)
Venue (ATV 2007-2009)


Favourite photographers:
Judit Figuli: +36 30 497 4730
Csaba Kerekes /Visagency/: +36 20 953 5317
Video-film: Attlia Végh: +36 30 225 0992

Favourie Hair stylists:
Tamás Mlinárcsik, Erik Mavrák, Anikó Gyulai, Szilvia Kiss:

Favourite Models:
Timike Tóth, Bea Hargitai, Sylvi Bódi, Edina Pantinchin, Barbi Bengyel, Myra Cseh, Heni Nagy, Kinga Kincses, Zsuzsi Cseh, Gréta Csizmadia, Szabina Tomán and many more...

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