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...because it is always worth learning! I graduated from Dániel Berzsenyi College of Szombathely in 2004, where I was consciously preparing for handing my knowledge over to those longing for knowledge, who love and are interested in make-up skills. With the pleasure of tutoring, an old wish of mine came true, and looking at my already graduated students, I feel really overjoyed.

Make-up tuition for anyone interested, for those who are curious and inquisitive who want to know more and for those who intend to develop.

Length of course: 7-8 months, one occasion weekly /2-3 hours/ with a model
The tuition fee is to be paid after each lesson
Products used during the tuition: Estée Lauder, M.A.C ,Professional products/ Ben Nye, Paris-Berlin, Kryolan, Derma color

Topics of the course:
-Getting to know the colours (cold-warm colours, colours of seasons)
-Forms and Tricks
-Getting to know the products, make-ups
-Learning about the tools-professional usage of materials
-Secrets and layers of our skin
-Facial care, professional handling, types

Types of Make-ups
-Natural Make-up
-Daytime make-up
-Afternoon, Cocktail make-up
-evening, occasional make-up
-stage, catwalk make-up
-contest-fantasy make-up
-theatre make-up
-TV make-up
-wedding make-up
-make-ups of eras- from 1900s to present

The course ends with an examination, which consists of 3 parts:

-theoretical test
-preparation of a drawn on make-up on a model within a certain period of time
-make-up completion on a model in a photo-shooting, based on the topic specified on the spot- it's aim is learning creativity

2008-2016 my students who have already received their CERTIFICATIONS:

Virág Jozsa, Eleonóra Vári Józsáné, Edina Durányik, Nermin Shaaban, Gyöngyi Bagdán, Zsófia György Baloghné, Katalin Kardos, Viktória Ambrus Kovácsné, Zsófia Vasi, Éda-Erika Kocsis, Anda-Andreea Bila, Eszter Rétfalvi, Dalma Fekete, Lilla Kiss, Krisztina Godó, Gyöngyi László, Gabriella Weisz, Éva Szabó, Dóri Szőke, Natália Jancsó T., Zsanett Juhász-Dobó, Krisztina Füzi, Krisztina Borszuk, Orsolya Galambos, Lilla Hargitai, Barbara Debreceni, Nikoletta Kossuth, Jennifer Káplár, Nikoletta Benkő


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