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Earthly life is just a station and, in my view, we come to this World to Love, Learn and Live through millions of miracles and experiences, Experience and Give. The aim of my books is this,  this Giving, because I would like to Give something from Myself for Me, You and Everyone, the World. Because for only a moment I made you think and gave you a feeling....then it was and it is worth being Here...

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My life, my profession, my hobby is beauty-care and make-up art. I am a fortunate person because I can do the kindest thing for me and the pleasure of creation irradiates my life and I do hope it irradiates that of others, too. In my opinion one of the greatest pleasures is the happiness of giving.
My first book was released at the end of March, 2007, with the title “Face Memoirs”. In this little booklet as a summary of my 10 years as a make-up artist and as an end to one of my eras, I collected my favourite works, make-ups and thoughts as a unit so as to display them to Everyone.

My second book was released on 14th February, 2011: with the title “It's Your day- Your Wedding Make-up Style” in which I introduce 14 tailor-made make-ups with that purpose to help brides and every lady looking for their own personality. It would be great if you could get to know me and my thoughts could also reach you, too, therefore you can purchase both of my books on a Discount price in case you order them now!

By ordering both books, postage and packaging will be free for you, so the total price is HUF 7000.

(The Promotion is on while stocks last, as both books are unique and single editions!)

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