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In make-up the creativity and the treasury of ideas are inexhaustible. Rules can come to an end and the pleasure of individual creation takes the main role, it's great to show and create something which has never been before, new, personal and unrepeatable, for me this is fantasy!


From 1997 to 2003, I participated in National and Regional contests /over 20 contests/ as well as in the National Beauty Finals in 2001, 2003 and 2005. The joy of taking part in competitions and the huge experience taught me for a lifetime for quick, creative and accurate work. I really enjoyed challenging myself in each field and my students have been carrying it on with a lot of success.


Life and work of a make-up artist is always inspired and determined by Fashion and Trends. Over the long years I have worked with almost every newspaper and fashion magazine, here are some pictures of my work.


In our lives we reach several turning points, where we pass through and go on sometimes alone, sometimes with others or sometimes with only one person. One of our most beautiful stations is the Wedding. I respect and believe in the sanctity of this magnificent day that is the reason why I chose Wedding as the topic of my second book. I love the magic of preparation, the excitements and the pleased, happy moments.

I have been spending my summers with Brides for 16 years and I live through this perfect day with them. I am of the opinion that it is really important, besides perfect work, to create a good relationship and personal empathy with the couple. In my salon in Budapest or on demand at your house and, by making an appointment in advance, I am at your service even in the countryside.

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As a make-up artist I have had the opportunity and ,of course, still have the chance to get acquainted with a great number of actors, actresses, musicians and media people, one of the noblest and most beautiful thing for me is working on magazine covers together with them.


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